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Business Meeting


Geoxilia's story starts by a meeting of geoscientists with a common goal, an organisation of geologist, geophysicist and reservoir engineers, with more than 10 years of experience in Oil and Gas industry.
A common work experience in the consulting office of IFP Group, launch our adventure, we acquired a robust experience in working together for integrated studies, consulting approach, increasing our team work to help efficiently customers reaching their goals.
We all decided to move to operator companies, with the common idea to face our expertise to the field development reality, and better understand what is working as an operator and what are we facing in everyday work?
In 2018, we decided to create Geoxilia, to propose an integrated multidisciplinary approach, not only promoting the best practices in each domain, but with the paradigm to combine in a taylor-made approach practice and theory, pragmatic and fit-for purpose workflows, to ensure an efficient continuum between geophysics-geology-reservoir engineering.
" Bringing back geology at the center of their approach, and view technology not as a limit but a tool to reach a professional excellence."



Our training approach on reservoir is focus on geology

«GEOXILIA approach is a balanced-ratio between basic theory reminders to ensure a minimum level required, characterization exercices to developed data analysis procedures and capture critical elements and software implementation to select adapted methods and taylor-made solutions »

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