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Lecturers : G. Fabre; A. Auvinet

Who Should attend this course ?

  • Every Geoscientist interested by improving their knowledge in geological modelling; robustness and forecasting of geological model

Main Objectives


  • Reinforce the link between sedimentology and geostatistics by:

  • Identify a sedimentological concept

  • Select a geostatistical method appropriate to handle this sedimentological model.

  • Select and calibrate the geostatistical tools able to control geobody size, occurence and continuity.

  • Apply all the quality control procedures to validate the model

  • Building a reporting window


Learning Approach

  • Basics of Integrated study management

  • QA/QC of a standard geological model

  • Review of main steps and processes

  • Review of QC procedures

  • Review of tools dedicated to QC and reporting

  • Geostatistics 

  • Review of geostatistical methods:

    • Pixel-based

    • boolean

    • MultiPoint statistics

  • Review of geostatistical tools

  • Basics of sedimentology

  • Conceptual model elaboration

  • Sedimentological calibration for Geostatistics

  • Sedimentological characterization

  • Geostatistical calibration

  • QA/QC of model updated

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