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Lecturers : G. Fabre; A. Auvinet

Who Should attend this course ?

  • Junior geoscientists

  • Geologists or Reservoir engineers interested by different software’s options
    used for reporting and visualisation


Main Objectives


  • Develop good practices in mapping (isochore maps, pie chart diagrams, histograms, map annotations, digitizing and gridding contours…)

  • Good understanding in cross-section (one and multiple wells)

  • Be able to make a stratigraphic chart

  • Building a reporting window


Learning Approach

  • Case study supported by a full set of data or in-house data. Mapping and viewing with interactive exercices with dedicated software (Petrel) with reporting and deliverables:

  •  Basic mapping (surface map, OWC, well’s position, map annotation.

  •  Cross- section’s mapping, pie chart diagrams, histograms

  •  Isochore maps

  •  Digitizing and gridding contours

  •  Well sections, stratigraphic chart

  •  Reporting mapping

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