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Lecturers : G. Fabre; A. Auvinet

Who Should attend this course ?

- Junior geoscientists

- Geologists or Reservoir engineers interested by understand key steps in reservoir characterization and modeling

Main Objectives

- Develop good practices in reservoir characterization and modeling

- Good understanding in data integration and workflow

- Capture the link between sedimentology, geostatistic and petrophysic.

- Adapt technics/workflows with project characteristics

Learning Approach

Case study supported by a full set of data, studied as as an integrated study with a balanced ratio between:

- Basic knowledge/theory

- Reservoir characterization supported by interactive exercices

- Reservoir modeling with dedicated software (Petrel) with reporting and deliverables

- A final Stand-alone project (1/2 day) can be implemented to develop team behavior and autonomy.

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